18 pictures of magical Myvatnssveit in North Iceland

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18 pictures of magical Myvatnssveit in North Iceland

Mývatnssveit is an area of extremes in North East Iceland. Lake Mývatn with its deep blue color and unique biosphere. Surrounded by old craters, some half covered with moss. 

Close by there is Dimmuborgir, a field of tall stacks of dark lava in different shapes and sizes. Walking around it creates a feeling of being in a maze.

Námaskarð isn't far off, with bubbling clay and water, steam rising up from every hole in the ground.

The high altitudes make it one of the coldest habitats places in Iceland in winter. The change is drastic when warm summer comes and changes the blue/white Winterland into green, where moss and grass covered much of ancient lava fields.

Publish By : Photo: Iceland Monitor/Rax / Ragnar Axelsson;Photo

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