Into the Glacier - Ice Cave in Langjokull (Langjökull)

Into the Glacier - Ice Cave in Langjokull (Langjökull)

Excursion provided by: Into the Glacier

The Langjokull ice cave is a unique and magical glacier experience. Travel onto the ice cap by 8WD truck to reach the entrance to the ice cave inside Europe's second largest glacier. Inside the Langjokull ice cave, you can view ice which has taken hundreds of years to develop. 

As you walk further along the tunnel, the ice gets older and the color changes from white to deep blue.

The cave stretches 200-300m into solid glacier ice at about 30m below the surface, making it the largest man-made ice structure in the world.

A pick up from Reykjavik can be arranged for this excursion.

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