Ondverdanes (Öndverðarnes) The Tip of Snaefellsnes

Ondverdanes (Öndverðarnes) The Tip of Snaefellsnes

Ondverdarnes lighthouse marks the westernmost tip of Snaefellsnes and is a dramatic spot where rugged lava meets the ocean.  Until 1945 there was a farm here and remains of its turf buildings can be seen. You'll also find the ancient well called Falki. 

It was believed that there were actually three wells at Falki; one with fresh water, another with mineral spring water and the third with salty water.

Just south of Ondverdarnes are the Svortuloft ‘black skies’ ocean cliffs and a second lighthouse.

Arctic foxes are sometimes spotted in the area as they scavenge along the shoreline and you never know your luck, you might see orcas cruising offshore.

En route to the lighthouses, the narrow winding road passes the golden sand bay of Skardsvik, idyllic views over the ocean. Beyond here the road turns to gravel. 

The route is not recommended in winter.