Rakkaberg is the name of a prominent dike, just outside Djupivogur by road 1, where it meets the turning to the village.  Dykes are volcanic features formed when magma cools inside a fissure in the earth's crust.  When subsequently revealed by erosion the dike appears as a wall, often showing columnar jointing, with the columns laid horizontally.

The village of Djupivogur stands on Bulandsnes peninsula, which is cut through by a dike swarm.  The dikes are associated with the extinct Alftafjordur central volcano, located to the south.  Note how they all follow the same direction, NNE-SSW. 

Djupivogur's houses are built among the dikes, gaining welcome shelter from the cliffs and giving the village a special character.  

Some people believe the cliffs are inhabited by hidden people 'Huldufólk', and children are forbidden to throw stones at them or show disrespect.

Rakkaberg is the largest of the cliffs and is thought to be the church of the hidden people.